Red Claw Design is part of Radar Five Media, a design studio located in the south of Munich, Germany.

Designer Charles S. Kuzmanovic has teamed up with creatives worldwide, to deliver “Ambient Art for Abstract People“.

Red Claw Design was launched in April 2016.

We have worked for various big and smaller names in the industry. Now, it’s about time to “go international”/worldwide.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write an email to: hello(at)redclawdesign.com

Detailed information about Red Claw Design will follow, as we’re busy building the website and adding more content for you.

While we’re working, feel free to check our our music: Fake Plastic Heads on Soundcloud

Check out our very own internet radio station: Fake Plastic Radio


Thanks for stopping by!

C. S. K. and the Red Claw Design crew.